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Welcome to Peak Care

We’re reimagining healthcare and inviting you to explore the future with us. Peak Care, brought to you by Premera Blue Cross and MultiCare, attempts to fix some antiquated processes, like calling for appointments, mountains of paperwork, and surprise costs. Your participation changes everything.

Get the most out of your plan

Set-up will take a couple of steps, but then you'll be good.

1. Install the Premera app

Download the app to securely check your claims, show your digital ID card, and do more with a quick swipe and a tap.

Text CARE to 29094

2. Find a doctor in your network

You’ll pay less out of pocket when you receive care with a contracted provider.

Find care

More ways to use your plan

Find care

The Tahoma Network offers more than 3,500 providers across Washington state, including MultiCare Connected Care and Indigo Urgent Care. It includes chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and massage therapists.

The network will expand in 2020 to include Capital Medical Center in Olympia, Vivacity Care Clinics in Spokane, and more than 900 health care providers in the Physicians of Southwest Washington group.

Find care

Money-saving care options

  • A registered nurse can help you determine whether you need care or where to go. Call the free 24-Hour NurseLine at 800-841-8343.
  • Teladoc is an option for diagnosing common illnesses such as sinus problems, urinary tract infections, pink eye, allergies, and flu. It usually costs less than urgent care and is quicker than going to an office visit. The doctors can even send a prescription to a local pharmacy.
  • MultiCare Indigo Urgent Care clinics save money over the emergency room.

How it’s different

Get a free ride

Most customers will be eligible to use SafeRide up to 25 miles to their appointment location! Individuals who receive benefits from a federal healthcare program are ineligible.

Medical care comes to you

Dispatch Health sends medical teams to your home or office for on-demand care 7 days a week. This eliminates transportation as a barrier to getting care.

Eliminating repetitive questions

Your doctors and health plan share information, so you have a more streamlined experience. No more answering the same question a dozen times.

We're here to help

Call Peak Care Customer Service at 855-250-7325 or sign in to your Premera online account and use secure email.

What you pay

Your network of contracted healthcare providers is called Tahoma. Services from out-of-network providers will not be covered—except in emergency situations.

These numbers are examples. Sign into your Premera account for your plan details.

Jane has a $1,500 deductible, 20% coinsurance and a $5,000 out-of-pocket maximum. She pays the first $1,500 of her healthcare expenses. Then she will pay 20% of the cost of in-network care while her plan pays 80% until she reaches her out-of-pocket maximum. Then her plan pays 100% of in-network care.

Jane hasn't reached her $1,500 deductible yet

Preventive care is covered in full with most plans.

  • Office visit cost: $100
  • Jane pays: $100
  • Her plan pays: $0
Jane reaches her deductible. Co-insurance begins

Jane has had a few doctor visits and reached her deductible. Her plan now begins paying most of her qualified medical costs.

  • Office visit cost: $100
  • Jane pays 20% (her coinsurance): $20
  • Her plan pays 80%: $80
Jane reaches her $5,000 out-of-pocket limit

Jane has seen the doctor several times and has paid $5,000 out-of-pocket this year. Now her plan will pay the full cost of her qualified medical costs this year.

  • Office visit cost: $100
  • Jane pays: $0
  • Her plan pays: $100

What else you get

Personal health support

Licensed clinicians are here to help with complex health conditions, such as inflammation, autoimmune diseases, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, cancer, HIV, or asthma.

Wellness programs

Get rewarded for the healthy choices you’re already making and support in establishing new habits.

Low-cost fitness center memberships

Get access to 9,000 fitness centers nationwide for only $25 a month (plus a $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes).

Concierge services

Access concierge services to help navigate complex or chronic care.

Preventive healthcare

Get access to important preventive care and vaccines at no additional cost because identifying problems early improves outcomes.